Thomas Bartholomäus

Thomas Bartholomäus

Thomas Bartholomäus
Certification Year2015
CertificationPersonal CoachActing Coach

I support and encourage actors to make truly fun offers. In order to go with it joyfully and self-responsibly into the creative collaboration with ensemble and direction.

As an on-set coach for Hand aufs Herz and Rote Rosen in 2009-2012, I learned to spontaneously adapt to a wide variety of actors and directors. Finding the right image or activating beat that tickles the instinct and lets lively play bubble forth, even in everyday production.

Source Tuning

For over 15 years I have been working enthusiastically and successfully with SOURCE TUNING by Jens Roth. A method that can be excellently combined with other techniques and for many is a real short-cut to playful flow. After my certification in 2015, I am happy to be able to help many actors with this precise, playful, reliable and fast tool in 1:1 coaching on Jens' recommendation.

In addition, I work methodically open. Inspired by Eric Morris, Harold Guskin, Stella Adler, Ivana Chubbuck and many others, I find the individually appropriate approach with each artist personality and for each project.

What fascinates me again and again: The alchemy between player personality and role text. The magic of the moment between performer and audience (or camera).  I consider my work as a coach to be successful when its traces have completely disappeared.

Shooting and casting preparations: Nike Fuhrmann, Andreas-Helgi Schmid, Amelie Plaas-Link, Peter Foyse, Janina Elkin, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Luisa Wietzorek, Lisa Jopt, Jane Chirwa, Rouven Israel, Sarah Alles, Svenja Jung, Emma Drogunova, Steven Lange, Nela Schmitz, Jantje Bilker, Martin Bruchmann, Bardo Böhlefeld, Nele Kiper, Marius Lamprecht, Benno Lehmann, Katharina Sporrer, Ulrike Sperberg and many more.