Role Work for Shoots and Castings in Person or via Skype

Understanding the character in a sensory way, recognizing his or her emotional core, gives actors freedom and flexibility on the set or at castings. Since I don’t know a faster method to get into a character, a coaching session in most cases includes role development with SourceTuning and based on it a structural view on scenes and content.

After the introduction to SourceTuning in the mini-workshop „Boost Your Character“, you can also use the tool for role-finding during a coaching session.

The prices include an informative fly-over of the script or casting documents towards the role. If the script is to be read and evaluated in its entirety, a flat rate of 70€ will be added. This is already included in the price of an intensive dramaturgical preparation.

Casting preparation / Shooting preparation 60 minutes


Jens Roth: 110,- € incl. 19% VAT.
Teamcoaches: 100,- € incl. 19 % VAT.
Preparatory script reading (90-minute): 70,- € incl. 19% VAT (only applies to medium to large roles).

Low budget rate 60 minutes = 20,- € incl. 19% VAT.

The 20,- € rate is equivalent to an expense allowance. Ask us about this rate and send us your script. If a coach from the team finds it worthy of support from an artistic or social point of view, this rate can be considered.
Productions that would like to work on the roles together with ensembles and/or directors can negotiate daily flat rates with me.

For production companies, these prices apply, plus VAT.

The Big Arch – dramaturgical preparation in detail

Based on our common understanding of the technique, in this version of the coaching I go deep into the material and illuminate it in detail from the perspective of the role, which I have come to understand in its complexity and your approach through SourceTuning.

Going into detail with the preparation can have significant advantages for the actor.Shooting on the set is a lonely business in the preparation phase.Later on set, the expectations of production and directing departments are high and the support given by stressed-out directors is often lacking. Turning up on the set with a multifaceted and flexible offer, preceded by a view from outside, relaxes the actor and is much more enjoyable.

Actors who are very busy, for example shooting two films at the same time, receive additional inspiration and we will work on the script in such a way that you can quickly orientate on the set at any time and follow the factual and emotional state of your role.

Weaknesses in the script can be identified in advance and either compensated by ways of playing or discussed with the director and production in good time to enable changes in text.

This type of preparation may involve several days. In this case, the rate will not be calculated on an hourly bases, but with a full- or half-day fee.


1 day/ 8 hrs. 700,- € incl. 19% VAT.

1 hr. 110,- € incl. 19% VAT.

For production companies: 850,- € excl. VAT.

(E-)Casting - preparation and filming


60 minutes

Jens Roth: 110,- € incl. 19% VAT.
Teamcoaches: 110,- € incl. 19% VAT.
Preparatory script reading (90-minute): 70,- € incl. 19% VAT (only applies to medium to large roles).

E-castings can be prepared together and recorded directly in the studio. In this case, an appropriate data carrier for exporting the data is necessary. Depending on the scope, the coaching including shooting can last between 2 and 4 hours.



Jens Roth

Jens Roth has been an acting coach for more than 25 years and primarily supports actors in their preparations for cinema- and film productions. His own acting technique SourceTuning celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020. In 2015, Jens Roth publiched a workbook for actors on this technique entitled “SourceTuning - the reliable intelligence of the body”. Besides the Berlin School for Acting, he works as a lecturer at the Thomas Bernhard Institute Salzburg and the University of Music and Theatre Leipzig.

Thomas Bartholomäus

Thomas Bartholomäus is a trained actor and director/editor for showreels and short films. He has known SourceTuning since its beginnings in 2002. As coaches, Jens Roth and Thomas have been working together since 2011 in individual coaching for casting and filming preparation, in workshops and as on-set coaches, e.g. in 2014 for the series "Hand auf's Herz". Thomas was one of the participants in the first SourceTuning coach training in 2015, and from then on he successfully prepared many actors for their roles in film using this technique. Jens and Thomas have been working together intensively as a team at rothcoaching since 2020.

Gabriel Marrer

Gabriel Marrer, born and raised in Switzerland, completed his acting training at the European Film Actor School in Zurich. After his first television roles for Küstenwache, Soko, Marienhof etc., he began working as an on-set coach for the successful feature film series "Die Wilden Kerle" in 2005. This was followed by further feature films as an on-set coach, training as a theatre pedagogue BUT in Heidelberg and his first directing work at the theatre. He has been certified as a Source Tuning Coach since 2020.

Samira Julia Calder

Samira Julia Calder is an actress with South African roots. During her training at the Hamburg School of Acting, she met Jens Roth, with whom she has worked intensively ever since. In addition to engagements from the State Theatre to independent productions, she has realised her own projects and productions and worked as artistic director, assistant to the artistic director, choreographer and assistant director. Since 2020, Samira has also been a trained SourceTuning coach and has supported various productions as an on-set coach or in the preparation for filming and has successfully prepared actors for auditions, theatre roles and filming.