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Training to Become A SourceTuning® -Coach

SourceTuning is with 20 years a relatively young acting technique, which is becoming more and more popular.  This is especially the case for established actors who know how to appreciate the inspiration received from it. Jens Roth has built up a good reputation for his technique, and it is very important for him that SourceTuning is spread further by well-trained coaches who, like him, offer the greatest possible scope for the actor’s creativity through their unbiased attitude.

As simple as the technique may seem, it is important to be precise in its application and to be able to provide good support in evaluating the results. The experience of past trainings shows that a process occurs during the training in which the coaches can look at themselves and their work in a more unprejudiced and enjoyable way and can pass this on accordingly in their own coaching sessions. Or, to use the words of Marianne Williamson, who quoted Nelson Mandela in his inaugural speech:

“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission, to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

The training includes the workshop “Heroes and Losers” and 20 training days of 8 hours, participation in which is mandatory for certification. These days take place in blocks over a period of about nine months. The number of participants is minimum 3 and maximum 5.


  • Workshop “Heroes and Losers”–experience the technique in depth and its origins
  • Own testing and discussion of the technique and its possibilities and restrictions based on scenes and work roles.
  • Development and implementation of various workshop formats under guidance
  • Coaching of actors under guidance
  • During the duration of the training, 4 internships/assistantships at workshops on role- and scene work must be completed.


The training dates are arranged individually, with the exception of the workshop “Heroes and Losers”which must be completed on one of the specified dates. If the workshop has already been completed within the previous 4 years, it can also be credited financially towards the training.


Participation requirements

At least 5 years of professional experience as actor, director and/or acting coach/lecturer. Participation in at least 2 workshops or 1 workshop and 3 coaching sessions with SourceTuning in advance.

Use of the SourceTuning® brand

On this basis, the certification entitles the holder to carry out coaching and seminars which include the acting technique SourceTuning. The certified coaches are allowed to use the protected trademark SourceTuning in their advertising. Certain workshop concepts and workshop names may also be used.

Graduates are accepted into a network of SourceTuning Coaches, which is established on the side of rothcoaching.


5500€incl. 19% VAT. The amount may be paid on a pro-rata basis per day until the beginning of each block. A daily rate is accordingly approx. 230€.


Jens Roth

Jens Roth is the inventor of SourceTuning. As an artist he sees himself on a constant journey of discovery with the gift of looking with wonder and curiosity at people and their deep longings and motivations. As a coach, director and actor he wants to open spaces for new insights into contexts that provide the ground for solidarity, empathy, communication and high acting quality.

Jannika Petermann

Jannika Petermann finished her master's degree in psychology in 2019. Alongside her studies, she worked in the field of theater education. When she got to know the technique SourceTuning, it was immediately clear to her that she had discovered a valuable interface between her two passions, psychology and theater. In 2019, she therefore completed her training as a certified Source Tuning Coach and researched the positive effects of the technique on our psyche in her master's thesis.