Jannika Petermann

Jannika Petermann

Jannika Petermann
Certification Year2019
CertificationPersonal Coach

Jannika Petermann finished her master's degree in psychology in 2019. Alongside her studies, she worked in the field of theater education. When she got to know the technique SourceTuning, it was immediately clear to her that she had discovered a valuable interface between her two passions, psychology and theater.

So in 2019, she completed her training to become a certified Source Tuning Coach and researched the positive effects of the technique on our psyche in her master's thesis.

In the course of this work, she earned her Source Tuning Coach certification with Jens Roth in the spring of 2019, and has been working with him ever since.

Together with Jens Roth, she designs workshops in the field of personal development and supports the work in the workshops with her profound knowledge. However, she is also passionate about personally accompanying people in their development processes in individual sessions.

Her work is based on the conviction that we have an intuitive knowledge of who we are and what we need and thus carry the solutions for our concerns within us. Although these solutions are already laid out, it is often difficult to access them.

She sees it as her task in coaching to accompany people in their powerful and unique processes towards themselves. In doing so, she playfully helps people to explore and dissolve the blockages that stand in their way and to prepare the ground on which they can discover and develop their own potential.